Cost-effectiveness acceptability SURFACE

Listening to a recent talk I realised that there doesn’t seem to be common name for something commonly used in health economic evaluation.

There are the staple plots which everyone will recognise: the cost-effectiveness plane and the cost-effectiveness acceptability curve (CEAC). The CEAC gives the probability of being cost-effective for different willingness to pay thresholds. This could similarly be done for any other model parameter e.g. say the sensitivity of a diagnostic test.

We can further show the probability of being cost-effective for two parameters on a grid of points. This could be a mesh, contour, surface, hex plot or whatever is your favourite.

The plots above is a related previous plot of mine incorporating a third parameter, showing the unit cost of a test at which the probability of being cost-effective is greater than 50% for different test sensitivity and specificity.

The point here is that this sort of 2D plot doesn’t appear to have an agreed name in the health economics literature in the same way as the CEAC; Perhaps a cost-effectiveness acceptability surface or CEAS?


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